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Character(S): Blackjack
Source: Project Horizons

Going back to the discussions which were taking place in the Project Horizons thread, all the talk of Rampage dieing made me wish for a way that she could survive past the end of the story (I still have some hope, however small…)

I wanted to make a comic to kinda cut down on the seriousness of the situation; a comic which involved Blackjack playing her double-cello.
It was just supposed to be a quick sketch, so I could throw the grayscale comic up and be satisfied. But as I was sketching out the rough reference for this picture, the tiny Blackjack in my head kept telling me I could “do better”.
And so I tried to do better, because I wanted to be able to show Somber just how much of an inspiration his story has been to me.

Notes: I think the thing I like most about Blackjack being a musician is that it gives me hope that there will be a destiny for her beyond the Wasteland.
Yes, I did eye this off a screen capture of Octavia (which is fitting because either 1) the double-cello contains her soul (literally), and/or 2) Blackjack is her decendant) - but I hand-draw everything, I actually can’t trace because my hands shake too much, so it’s original work, not just some copy.
It’s not meant to be any particular scene from the story (as I said, it was just supposed to be a quick sketch for a non-canon joke), but it isn’t necessarily “not” a canon picture.

In all, I’m really happy with how this one turned out.

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