Ryxingeir's Jedi Sketchbook

reese8212 said: Hm, a nice little story.

Well thank you, sir, I do appreciate you saying so.

For some reason though, the tiny Sekashi in my head was grinning like a mad-mare and saying “But it was FUNNY too, right?  RIGHT!?”

I have very silly characters in my head.

Well, I’ve actually had this finished for a while, I’ve just been very back and forth on whether to actually post it or not…

I had a drunk pony look it over and they said it wasn’t too bad, so… that works enough for me.

As I think I mentioned, it’s another little story set in the world where “By Any Other Name” took place, and I should really figure out a better way to title them…

Once again, if you do actually feel like reading it, please don’t expect too much…

Project Horizons: Eternity in an Hour

Got the two pictures done… managed to only cry a little and finally finish my commentary on PH68

Now I can finally go collapse for a few minutes… until I need to start on the next birthday gift I need to do… or start on this project before I run out of “should only take til June or July"…

Happy birthday to Retl!  Squeaky splash!

Happy birthday to Retl!  Squeaky splash!

So much to do tomorrow… gotta write my comments on the chapter… gotta draw some pony squish… and gotta finish a private piece I’ve been working on for the past two months…

Tonight though I think I’m just going to watch things explode in slow motion, until I stop feeling like there’s an Enervation field in my house.

doubleclickthepony said: Yeah, I wouldn’t want to go back to school either. It’s great that some people enjoyed it, but not me. Sounds like you have a solid plan for losing weight, Sips! We’ll have to figure out something special for when you reach 250. (^.^)

I know there’s an old saying that “Highschool [/ college] is the best years of your life”, but I think the people who said that never actually went to classes or did their work…  Well I hope you never have to go back either.

Yeah, it’s a plan, at least, we’ll see if it actually works.  Just gotta take it slow.  And actually I did have something in mind!  If I ever reach a more manageable weight like 250, my mom and I are going to take a little trip up to Las Vegas!  The last time we went with the whole family both of us were sick and miserable, and I was below the legal gambling age, so it really wasn’t much fun at all and we’d like to try again.

ponkoporo said: That’s why I said you should make them easier by making the motions smaller!

Ah… well the other problem I have with trying to do vigorous exercise is a more… private condition.  So I guess I’ll just slowly add a little more time to my current walks…


doubleclickthepony said:  *hugs* Ouch! That’s a LOT of bad teachers. I’m sorry you had to go through all that. Yay for a low calorie goal! If you can keep to a low calorie goal like that, you will shed weight, and trust me, you will feel so much better!

Yeah, pretty much that’s why I tend to laugh and then stare blankly at people who say “school is fun”.  But thank you *hugs back gently* hopefully I’ll never have to go back.

I could actually probably cut back some more on main meals since what I’ve been eating recently is more than filling enough, and then just snack on rice cakes between if I need something…

2445 / 2600 today.

ponkoporo said: Ah I see, then I recommend looking up ‘flash workouts’. They’re very good, although very hard. I have trouble doing them on easy mode. You could tone them down, make the movements smaller until you can handle doing a routine in 10 minutes.

Ah… sorry, if they’re “very hard” I don’t think I’d be able to follow through with them…


doubleclickthepony said: I don’t like most diet sodas either, but I do like these which is why I recommend them. Tea can be a relaxant or stimulant depending on what type of tea. Sorry to hear about your 3rd grade teacher. Good luck with your calorie count!

Ah, maybe…  I’ll see if they even have them here.  Yeah… unfortunately she was just the first.  I had maybe 10 or less “good” teachers between 3rd grade and graduating college.

And thank you.  Today’s count came back at approximately 2430, and I had a soft goal of 2600, so I guess that’s good…

" I used to idolize Sonic the Hedgehog, and run around everywhere (with these shoes that had little lights built into the heel that flashed when you stepped down) saying silly quotes from the cartoon." Me too!

*yays and hugs gently*

Saying silly quotes is still lots of fun.

meleagridis said: You deserve to be proud, even if pride won’t come

*hugs very gently*

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